Wild Romance: episodes 11-12

12 Feb

And the prize for the most predicable stalker in a drama goes to…

Wild Romance

Yep, we guessed it all the way back in episode 3. Frankly, we’re a little disappointed as we hoped that we were wrong and that the writer would give us more of a challenge but we guess it could have been a lot worse. We could have had the stalker be a long lost half brother wanting revenge for his repressed life or something stupid like that.

When the drama finally revealed the housekeeper’s creepy room for stalkers, we couldn’t help but notice all of the topless photos she had of Moo Yeol.

This got us thinking:

  1. How did she manage to sneak all those pervy pics without him noticing?
  2. Do you think she’ll give us copies, if we ask nicely? Hehehe

Rationalising the irrational:

To a certain extent we can understand her behaviour after Jong Hee arrived, as it was clear that she wanted to keep him all to herself. However, prior to Jong Hee arriving on the scene, her actions were only destroying his reputation. A damaged reputation means he wouldn’t be able to work and therefore afford a housekeeper. Surely, that means she’ll be out of a job, unless… she wanted him to become completely dependent on her??? Ewww, how creepy.

One crazy person isn’t enough for this Kdrama, so onto discussing the other nut job – crazy/ cute barman.  What a psycho! The whole sequence with Dong Ah was so creepy, how dare he attack her. We loved watching his face off with Manager Kim. Poor Manager Kim, his robotic heart must be malfunctioning with all this drama in his life. The way he attacked him with that napkin was more effective than if he punched him, as it was unexpected and an action more likely to come from a reserved, introvert like Manager Kim. We love how he’s brooding over his feelings for Dong Ah. He’s the sensible, sane one and she’s well eccentric to say the least and so watching him make sense of her actions and try and step back from his feelings for her is quite sweet to watch.

We’ve got to hand it to the writer of Wild Romance– we’re impressed, really impressed.

A week ago, we couldn’t fathom how we were to believe any type of romantic relationship between Eun Jae and Moo Yeol but fast forward a week later and now suddenly it looks like there is hope. Hurray!

Only in Wild Romance would we watch a sequence where the leading man finally realises his feelings for his leading lady, only for it to follow swiftly with her knocking him out cold. Haha.

We wondered when this moment would come and let’s just say better late than never. As you may have noticed from our previous posts, we were getting a little impatient with this drama but we’re glad that we’re finally going to get some romantic action between the OTP. In reflection, we can now understand why it took so long. Episode 12 allowed us to witness him truly let go of his past and his feelings for Jong Hee. The sequence where he’s envisioning their future together was actually quite thoughtful in our opinion. It’s only natural you would think of the possibilities before you make a major decision and come on, he loved her for 10 years!  This week’s lot of episodes really showed the progress in Eun Jae and Moo Yeol’s relationship, which was often highlighted through Jong Hee’s perspective. Through Jong Hee’s eyes, we could see the way he has developed affection for Eun Jae and the way that they talk and interact with each other has that added level of closeness that you associate with someone you have romantic feelings for. We hope that Moo Yeol rejects Jong Hee quickly and doesn’t drag his feet in wooing Eun Jae.  Heeeeee, we can’t wait to see the new dynamics in their relationship. Finally!

Random thoughts:

Eun Jae’s mother has serious issues. She should be the bigger person in her relationship with Eun Jae as she abandoned them!  Poor Chang Ho, he didn’t even recognise his own mother, that’s so sad.

We’ve been loving the interaction between Eun Jae and Jong Hee – who doesn’t love a good odd couple? This was an unexpected treat for us, because we feared that the drama may become annoying with further focus placed on Jong Hee.

Manager Kim and Dong Ah better sort out their issues next week. We missed watching them act all socially awkward and strange together.

With only two weeks to go, we actually think that the drama may be able to turn it around and give us a satisfactory ending. Fingers crossed*


2 Responses to “Wild Romance: episodes 11-12”

  1. muchadoboutlove February 13, 2012 at 12:12 am #

    I actually thought that episode 11 was a bit gross, especially about the stalker. I went “ewwwww~” so many times when they showed the stalker and her smiles/gaze/glance towards MY! I don’t think I’ll get over it. waaa~

    on the other hand, episode 12, surprisingly, gave me things to be happy about, but there were some moments that made me teary: EJ telling Mr Robot about DA (he needs to know about her past!) and Chang-Ho unable to recognize his own mother. Poor boy ;_;

    I totally can’t wait for the next episodes! But to think that this is going to end in two weeks’ time is a little bit sad. no more bickering, no more Robot and Battery. Humm..

    • musthavesubs February 13, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

      I know right, how creepy is MY’s housekeeper. We literally spent the whole time grossing out over her scenes as well. He could be her son!

      We can’t wait for the next couple weeks either, who would have thought that this drama could turn it around so quickly. We love your names for Dong Ah and Manager Kim, so perfect. Don’t you think they are so cute together- They make a great secondary couple.

      We’ve got a weird relationship with this drama with plenty of highs and downs but like you we think we’re going to be sad when it ends as well.

      We really hope that Eun Jae plays hard to get with MY. Afterall that pining, it would be a little sad if she gave in too easily. Plus, it would be nice to see MY give her some romantic attention for once. hehe 🙂

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