Drama rambles

2 Oct

 Like almost everyone else watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal we are gutted that Viikiii have stopped subbing and have gone into ‘intense’ negations with the network. Which usually means goodbye drama; it was nice while it lasted. However strangely enough reading through all the stressed out downright bitchy comments on the Scandal page, it looks like us viewers and Viikii subbers will all find out whether Scandal can be viewed on the website really soon (well that’s what they say) – so there appears to be an answer on the horizon; whether it good or bad, we just have to wait and see.

Heres hoping for good news because we need our Scandal fix ASAP! We are so totally obsessed and in love with this drama- there are no words.

Episode 9 thoughts:

We think we may be in the minority that actually got to watch episode 9 (lucky us) and as usual it was it’s fabulous self…if not a little bit on predicable side. The episode was all about showing our favourite F4 working together and bonding as friends in the aim to clear Yoon Hee’s name. (We’ll keep it vague for those who haven’t seen the episode). Although it was all very Scooby gang like, we don’t mind at all because frankly we could watch this quartet do absolutely nothing together for an hour every week, that’s have smitten we are with this show!

Other mentions:

So our favourite Crazy Horse- Yoo Ah In who plays Moon Jae Shin in Scandal was recently in Vogue Girl and honestly WTF??– He is wearing more eye make- up than us girls or even Jang Geun Suk! Give us the manly, brooding Crazy Horse over this girly boy any day!

Other news:

Dr. Champ- Episode 1: general thoughts

We watched the first episode of Dr. Champ and strangely enough it wasn’t what we expected at all. From the trailer/promo material we imagined it to be a lot fluffier than it was, however it had substance and the majority of the characters seem to be shaping up to be really interesting; as they are driven by loss, heartache or a desire be the best having come from really humble roots- which is always far more compelling than your standard reasons K-dramas like using eg. Being close to their first love or pretending to be a boy to earn some money!

 The biggest surprise for us was Kim So Yeon character Kim Yeon Woo. We really like her character in the sense that on one hand she’s incredibly intelligent, hardworking and successful however on the other hand she’s a real underdog and probably at her lowest point both personally and professionally. She is neither unbelievable kind and good like other K-drama leading ladies- as she’s got quite a bad temper and isn’t afraid to take it out on her interns, but at the same time she’s  driven by strong ethics and compassion and definitely comes across as a character that we could happily root for in a drama.

Jung Gyu Woon Park’s character Ji Heon has already been presented as a sweetheart who is going to cry pretty heartbroken tears by the end of it. The guy is adorable, kind natured and has a cute nephew as an accessory but naturally this being a K-drama this type of character will never get the girl in the end.  That position is reserved for Uhm Tae Woong’s character Lee Do Wook. He only made a brief appearance in the first episode but our predications were spot on with the House reference- they even had a pill popping scene, which we’re hoping was used to poke fun at the House similarities and not just another blatant rip-off from the show.  

Is it us or does UTW look younger and shinier than he ever looked in his previous dramas?

 Overall for a first episode the drama wasn’t bad at all- we liked the writing, the acting and the pace- So for now we think we may stick around and see how the rest of the drama turns out.


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