My Love By My Side – episodes 26-29

8 Oct

The one of the main reasons why we love a good old fashion Kdrama is the fact that it never disappoints in how outrageous it promises to get. We love how MLBMY has cranked it up a notch and suddenly everything has become incredibly messy with secrets and lies all being revealed in one giant gulp and you know what- we want moooore!

It's been ages since we last saw a drama where we literally finished one episode, squealed for glee at the madness on show and wanted to watch the next episode straight away.

We always loved the fact that everyone in this drama were so nicely connected but seriously, watching the prospect of Mi Sol and Seok Bin becoming family is going to be AMAZING. Especially now that Seok Bin knows the truth about his secret son. The confrontation between Seok Bin and Mi Sol didn't disappoint one bit. The tension was off the charts- all that anguish and pain was sooooo good. As much as we love the sweetpie that is So Ryong, he doesn't touch the angsty, slightly off centred Seok Bin that is in desperate need of a shrink and a shot-gun to murder his obsessive mother.
The moment where Mi Sol and Seok Bin confronted each other about their secret son was the scene that we've wanted to see from pretty much the start of the drama and luckily for us it was a good one. For us, Mi Sol’s response was vital in determining whether this drama was worth sticking around for. If she was even the slightest bit weaker or pathetic in the confrontation we would have to say goodbye drama, we didn't stick around all this time to see our leading lady wimp out on a loser that abandoned her when she needed him most. However thankfully for us, she was awesome! She was brutally honest when she proclaimed that he had no right to call himself Yeong Hoon's father when he was such a weak spineless idiot back then. Also how glad are we that she told him exactly what an evil, nasty bitch his mother was. Thank you drama writers for not making our leading lady all righteous and forgiving to those who have wronged her! We hate when leading ladies are like that- seriously, forgiveness in a drama is so dull.

We have to give it to Seok Bin's mother, just when we thought she couldn't out do herself in her evil meddling, she does something worse that makes you want to throttle her for being so mad but at the same time, she still makes us smirk at her sheer villain-like genius. The woman is on another level when it comes to scheming mothers. She makes Madame Kang in BOF look positively angelic. That said, we wondered how long she would be able to ride on the tide of evil prevailing over good in this drama. She was getting away with far too many of her evil schemes and it was getting to the point where we found ourselves groaning as we watched her getting away with something else but the fact that all of her evil plans are unwinding in one go makes it all the more exciting to watch.

OMG, how utterly great was the scene where Mi Sol stormed into Soek Bin's house and confessed to being Yeon Hoon's mother? We loved the physical tussle as Seok Bin’s mother literally tried to keep Mi Sol’s mouth shut while trying to throw her out of the house. It just added to the urgency of the situation as she realised what was going to happen. This was the scene where we went from liking the leading lady to really loving her. She risked everything to protect her mother's honour and her future happiness. As a character she was brave and reckless and it was soooo satisfying to watch Seok Bin's mother's world crumble around her as the biggest secret of the drama was realised. Loved it.

In regards to Mi Sol’s confession, we really liked the unexpected reaction from Seok Bin’s grandmother. Her reaction was grown up and rational and frankly for a Kdrama those words are hardly ever used to describe any character’s response, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Also her response once again highlighted the fact that this is one tightly written script and that all of the characters in this drama are connected in a manner that makes it impossible for them not to relate to one another, even when they don’t want to!
With just over 20 episodes to go…and most of the major secrets revealed already, what madness is going to be introduced to keep this drama afloat? We'll be happy as long as Mi Sol and her family avoid any life threatening illnesses or worse …death. Also if the writer happened to kill of some of the more annoying character in the drama ahem So Ryong’s grandma and Yun Jeong, we wouldn’t disapprove too much. Hehe.


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